Student teacher communication is the lifeline of teaching. Even more so if you are in the Best Co-Educational Boarding School in India. Communication is key.

Most new age techniques in teaching fail because of ineffective communication between teachers and their students. So listed below are some ways you can make communication between teachers and students less of a bumpy road.


Be clear in your expectations with the student and make sure that they know the end goal of every instruction, whether it is education related or behavioral. However one needs to be careful to not make your tone patronizing or else the effect might the opposite of what it is intended to be.

Create Positive Relationships

Communication between human beings is based on a lot more than just talking. Smiling, making eye contact, moving around the room all are signs of effective communication. Good teachers always ensure that their students feel like a dialogue can be initiated at any given point of time between them and the teacher. A personalized approach helps the students open up and create a strong emotional bond.

Providing Prompt Feedback

Students should be provided with quick feedback on any task that they have completed as it shapes a lot of how they deal with future crises. Feedback is an essential part of the interactive approach of the classroom. It also shows the student that they are appreciated and their work holds merit.


It is essential that a teacher tries to make the classroom as collaborative as possible. Listening to contrasting opinions is what forms a healthy amount of tolerance amongst the students. It also gives the students an opportunity to flex their thinking muscle and practice their critical thinking skills.

As one of the top boarding schools in India we ensure that our teachers are effective communicators and make the students feel comfortable.