An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life. In the early stages of their life students are often compelled to run after excellence. An educational institute, school, or college focuses more on attendance, marks, and assignments. This deviates their attention from gathering knowledge to doing tasks just for the sake of it. It becomes tiresome and boring and students run after completing their assignments, which blurs their vision of the things that could be learned as lessons.

Channelizing their energy appropriately towards the right learning should be the main aim. It should be taken to notice that knowledge that is confined to the four walls of a classroom and textbook, providing food for our mind will never quench the thirst of enlightenment. Learning is a lifelong process and is not only limited to schools and colleges since each day we experience something that teaches us. It is not important how long it takes us to learn something, our focus should be gaining something while we are on it.

At Springfield Public School, we prepare our students for lifelong learning.The patterns followed by schools, ensuring that every child gets good grades should not only be restricted to this but contribute to the emotional, social and mental stability of the child as well.

These patterns teach a child to pass the exams in schools or colleges but prove to be useless in the difficulties that he may face ahead in his life. Resilience, patience, selflessness, and truthfulness should be some of the values that must be inculcated in the lessons taught in schools, to prepare the children for hardships that may leave them disheartened and hopeless.

We, as one of the top boarding schools in India, believe in cultivating such values in our students so that they not only excel in their academics but also in the long run of life.