It can get extremely difficult for parents and teachers to make toddlers concentrate as their attention can shift from one place to another really quickly. When they get bored, they don’t settle on what they are doing and find things that look more appealing. Generally, a toddler concentrates on a particular thing for about eight minutes before moving on to other things. As the best school in Ambala, at Springfield Public School, we make sure that our students learn how to focus and take an active part in the classroom.

Here are a few steps that can be followed to help your little one focus better:

Make Your Toddler Search for Things

While you are cleaning his room, tell him to bring things for you. He will be able to identify things that you name easily.


Indulge him in activities like coloring shapes, puzzle solving, and putting up blocks together. Keep electronic gadgets away from them so that they play with regular toys.

Break the Tasks

Your child cannot do one task in a go. If you are making him read a book, make him do it in bits and pieces.


When your child completes a task reward him with extra play time or candies. This will make him work better each time.

Outdoor Activities

For a child to maintain balance in his life, it is crucial for him to play outside. Give him time for cycling or playing with other kids.

Homework at a Specific Time Each Day

When you have stipulated time for each activity, it builds a routine, and your child develops a habit to complete his work in a specific time bracket.

Give Them Enough Time to Rest

After his favorite bedtime story, get him to sleep for around 8 to 9 hours. A good sleep ensures better concentration the next day. Also, you can make him sleep after he comes back from school. It will help him work better for the rest of the day.

As the best co-educational boarding school in India, Springfield Public School, we help our children develop a sense of attentiveness while they are at school. The parents are advised to follow these simple steps to make their children more focused while they are at home.