With the massive increase and presence of social media platforms and ease of availability of information comes the drawbacks attached to the same, i.e. the spread of fake news and misinformation. This not only causes an unnecessary panic but arises a situation of mistrust among the organization and its employees in the long run.

Hence, we at Springfield Public School, the Best Boarding School in North India have simplified how you can identify and stop fake news epidemic from spreading across:

-Identify The Source

Identification of the source of the information is the most essential part when it comes to stopping the widespread of fake news. One needs to be well informed and thus for better identification must check the source before believing moreover forwarding the information received.

-Don’t Forward

The most important thing that you must keep in mind is how are you contributing to the pool of fake news, by sending those WhatsApp forwards you are being a part of the herd to spread misinformation too, no matter what your intent behind it is.


The thing that we, as laymen might ignore is the frequency and the timing of these WhatsApp forwards, the messages tend to get more regular and spread at a higher frequency around certain events like elections, a social calamity, etc. so b mindful of what you read forward keeping in mind the social situation of the country.

-Linguistic Features

As an average observation of these forwards, messages giving out fake news were found to be using a language hyperbolic in nature which is subjective and emotional. Most likely, these messages are biased and hamper the loyalty, authority, and sanctity of the subject.

Therefore, as young individuals and consumers of information on the web, it’s our responsibility to identify and detach ourselves from the trap of fake news. Which we at Springfield Public School, one of the Top boarding schools in India aim at delivering.