A school’s infrastructure provides the students with an opportunity to grow in each aspect. Whether it is sports or arts, infrastructure helps in integrating efficient work in every field. At Springfield Public School, listed amongst the top 10 boarding schools in India, we believe that infrastructure plays an essential role in helping a child reach his potential. Here is a list of facilities that we provide so that our students get to explore themselves.

Games & Sports

We encourage the students to participate in maximum activities with large fields for games like cricket, football, volleyball, and basketball. Besides, we have a tennis court and a skating ring.  The indoor gaming area comprises of table tennis, chess, carom with a well-equipped gymnasium. It is mandatory for each student to participate in physical training and regular exercises.  The school has a modern swimming pool with two different sections, one for toddlers and one full-length.


Science isn’t the only subject that requires a laboratory. At Springfield, we have a language lab and mathematics lab besides physics, chemistry, and biology lab.  Students are able to learn various concepts and enhance their skills in these labs.


Our school is one of a kind with a museum that displays stamps, paintings, utensils, artwork, and priceless antiques. We encourage students to visit the museum regularly in order to know more about our rich heritage.


The library is well equipped with references and books on various subjects – geography, art, computer, social studies, language, and many more. Students are made to read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis. This helps them stay one step ahead in the world of knowledge and competition.

Art & Music

Without art and music life is colorless and boring. We encourage our students to learn any instrument or craft so that they get to polish their skills. Each child has a different set of hobbies, and we make sure that they choose at least one domain from the options we provide. They are:
• Pottery
• Glass painting
• Papercraft
• Vegetable carving
• Cartooning
• Clay modeling
• Basket weaving

When a child is in a school, he is still discovering his inner potential. Therefore, we at Springfield Public School, one of the best CBSE boarding schools, make sure our students feel at home and encourage them to participate in maximum activities.