Technology has transformed the working of the human brain. When incorporated in the classroom it automatically helps encourage active participation of the students. We hardly see teachers using the board while teaching, instead they use laptops which engage the students better. Deemed as the best boarding school in North India, at Springfield Public School we foster change and incorporate it in our classrooms to make learning more effective.

Here are a few reasons why technology must be integrated into the classrooms.

Better Engagement

When introduced to technology students engage in a better way. They see everything as it is, which elevates their learning skills. A teacher will be able to address their doubts when they experiment everything right in front of their eyes, providing instant feedback.

Future Ready

Nowadays children have become more competitive. They see an opportunity and want to grab it instantly. When they are already aware of the changes in technology, they’ll be ready to face any challenge in the future.

One to One Conversation

When teachers connect to their students through technology they are able to communicate effectively on one to one basis. There are no or very few barriers when children know that their feedback or suggestion is welcomed. Students who feel shy while asking questions in front of other students can directly contact the teacher over an email.


Teachers often practice the exercise of giving tasks to students. It can be done with the help of PowerPoint presentations. This increases their ability to remember stuff more easily and is helpful at the time of exams.

Technology Builds Interest

The traditional way of teaching, where a teacher reads and explains from the textbook is indeed monotonous and tedious. When they engage the students with videos that explain the exact thing it increases the student’s interest towards the subject.

Quick Access to Information

When students are allowed to use technology in classrooms, they are able to access information quicker than ever. From science to entertainment, this helps them to stay updated about stuff that is happening around them.

Being the best Co-Educational Boarding school in India, at Springfield Public School we ensure that our students are always ready to face any challenge hands down.