Managing time in a proper manner is not just essential but also help in being more organised. Time Management is an essential skill one should learn to develop in all arenas of life, whether a professional, student or homemaker.

Student life is full of activities and learning, hence incorporating Time Management Skills for students in one of the Best Boarding schools of India is another vital step towards holistic development of students.

Some quick tips how our students learn to manage their time-

1. Making a TO DO LIST – Writing down goals and activities for the day helps in being organised and ensures that nothing is missed. Procrastination slows down the progress of an individual and result in lower productivity.

2. Prioritising – Eisenhower Box comes very handy to prioritise the activities in a proper manner. As the picture suggests tasks and activities of the day can be divided into the four quadrants, what is not important can be taken down from the list and all other activities which are important and urgent should get in the list of high priorities.

3. Work on One thing at a time – Most of the time for student goes into deciding what to do first. With the help of the Eisenhower Box that challenge will be over as they will start practicing it daily. Most students stumble when they try to do multitasking and put their hands in many things at one point of time. Taking one thing at a time makes the job easier for them. The time table in Boarding School is also aligned with undertaking one job at a time.

4. Scheduling the day- Boarding Schools focuses scheduling the day of students in a manner that they get time for everything. Students in Boarding Schools get into the habit of preparing and following a schedule which help them in achieving more in less time, organising their day and studies.

5. Set Goals for Study Sessions – Smaller and crisper goals with timelines help achieve more. During examination and assignment submission time it’s always useful to have clear goals from the study session time students are devoting in Boarding Schools. Goals will assist in managing and knowing the progress one can make.

6. Taking Breaks – Longer study hours can create havoc for physical and mental health. Hence, taking short breaks to stretch body, to take a small walk, breathing techniques, playing a favorite sport are great stress busters essential for mind and body.

Students tend to take stress for completing their syllabus on time before the examinations, with these time management skills that we inculcate as one of the Best boarding Schools in North India, they achieve their goals without much stress and anxiety.