Boarding School for Holistic Development

Be sure that in your educating you are not manufacturing obedient citizens, but rather unleashing powerful, creative souls.” ~ Vince Gowmon

The inception of the Indian Boarding School System began with a very ancient Gurukul system of educating the children of Kings while focusing on their holistic development in all the areas. This System was later imitated by Britishers in their education system and Indian Public Schools began the Residential Schools system mostly in Northern India in places like Haryana, Punjab, Uttrakhand, Delhi, J&K, etc.

Boarding schools are not mere schools with the hostel where a child lives, rather it is a “Kutumbakam” a family where a child’s overall development is taken care of while building their foundation years development in cognitive abilities, motor skills, speech, social and emotional development – the crucial 5 areas of child development.

Many a time parents build a very negative image of Hostels in a child’s mind, whereas it is a best gift and opportunity that a Parent should gift to their children.

How the Best Boarding School impacts the lives of a child –

Environment –

Jim Henson wrote in his popular quote that Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”

Treating children with courtesy provides them with a model for their behavior. Teaching them appropriate ways to express difficult emotions while building the right atmosphere for the same can effectively happen in Boarding schools.

Most children learn through what they SEE, hence giving them the right surroundings where they can see and adapt the right information can be done in Residential Schools.

Discipline and Values –

We often confuse discipline with Punishment, the right way of discipline is giving a child the freedom to explore and make mistake yet adapting to the uniformity of the environment they are growing in. Instilling right values, feeling of one-ness, sense of ownership, taking responsibility yet living their childhood. Top boarding schools in India ensure all this and much more.

Diversity and Inclusion –

World going glocal can bring various opportunities for children to grow while learning more about a plethora of cultures all around the world.

In Boarding Schools they learn diversity and inclusion through living with various children of different affinity and countries learning various cultures as well as erudition of respecting each culture.

Boarding Schools help embrace the similarities and celebrate differences especially in a Co-ed Boarding School where children learn about gender sensitivity.

Creativity –

Boarding Schools create an environment that encourages students, faculty, and staff to share perspectives and pursue a variety of learning opportunities essential to unfold various perspectives and imagination.

Availability of Faculties 24*7 can help ensure that each child is developing in their own areas of interest, at their own pace without lagging behind in regular studies at school.

Physical growth and Nutrition –

Health, hygiene and nutritious food are three essential elements for the physical growth of a child. Living in Boarding school bring discipline and regularity in eating, nutritious and healthy meals along with etiquette and mannerisms.

The environment at home may differ for each child but in Boarding School’s provision of nutritious food ensures nourishment of a child, as they say, “What we eat reflect in our thoughts” therefore, eating nutrition filled food, on time and with proper mannerism can bring in such a positive change in the children.

Availability of Sports and Games bestows more benefits towards physical growth as well as in understanding goals, team building, and focus. Residential Schools indulge children in sports activities and games with the availability of best coaches round the clock for both Girls Boarding students as well as for Boys Boarding students. Haryana is in itself a popular state for developing sportsperson in India, and in our Boarding school, we adapt to the same.

With so many options when it comes to giving your child the right type of education, it can quickly dawn on the considerate parent that little can be left up to chance. Make a conscious choice of selecting the Best Boarding school to flourish your child academically, athletically, socially, artistically, emotionally and intellectually.

Boarding houses do charge a fee, as nothing comes for free. But over the past years, it has been observed that a good number of Boarding schools charge a very reasonable fee. Which makes Boarding School more affordable and is more or less equivalent to expenses incurred by parents if a child studies as a day scholar plus his/her boarding, tuition, competitive classes, hobby classes such as dance, music, crafts, etc.

Bring nurturing to your child in an affordable yet promising way by making a conscious choice of selecting the right Boarding Schools for your boy or girl in a co-educational environment.